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Feeling So Dang Good

I started training with Jeanette and Willie at the gym about two weeks ago and they are amazing. In skills, attitude, knowledge and customer service, EVERYTHING.

It isn't easy for them, working with me. I own the gym. I own the building. I set up the nutrition protocols. I do the blogs, and sign their pay checks.

But they are Veterans and tough. They can handle this little, old lady.

These are some of the standards I laid out for them:

  • Nutrition: I am following the Medical Medium's DETOX diet. Don't talk to me about protein.

  • I want to firm up some areas, build muscle in others, and become smaller in others.

  • If you hurt me the first couple of weeks, I'm going to quit - and fire me from working with you.

  • I don't believe in no pain, no gain.

  • Working out should be fun and create only slight soreness.

  • I'm really grumpy right now, so don't tease me.

  • I miss Alaska, and my helicopter and Breck. Geez, louise. What can they do with that?

  • I only wanted the ZERO IMPACT RUNNERS in the gym. I'm still not happy about the equipment that impacts the joints. So don't hurt my joints. Actually, repeat - don't hurt me.

  • I won't do classes.

  • Don't try to motivate me - I already know it all.

  • Talk about an impossible dream.

Do you feel sorry for them, yet? I do.

But, here's the deal. It's been 2 weeks and we are accomplishing everything I wanted. I'm not kidding. Everything. They rock. They are my heroes. I feel great and my body is changing shape. I'm resting better, eating better, and staying hydrated. My energy is up and I'm not grumpy. Ok, I'm still sorta grumpy. What the pho? They are good, but not that good.

oh, and I'm running on the beach again.

Bottom Line?

You probably don't have the demands I do, and aren't grumpy - so can you imagine how great you would feel if you worked out with them? I dare you to take the plunge to start feeling better, again.

It's hard at first. But now I don't want to stop, because I don't want to start over. Starting over is really difficult. Easier with Jeanette and Willie, here at Fitness Norfolk, Your Neighborhood Gym. Come on in and join us.


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