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How-to: Complete 10,000 steps a day in the 757

I recently challenged my clients to get 10,000 steps a day. At first they were hesitant about it but then after exploring the city, they realized that completing 10,000 was easier than they thought! That inspired me to put together a list of places around the 757 that you can go and explore and easily get 10,000 steps!

  1. Norfolk's Botanical Garden. I recently visited the garden and was amazed by all the beautiful flowers and trees. I walked along their trail, took pictures, and saw some really cute doggies. Before I knew it, my watch told me I had hit my 10,000 steps! I was there maybe 2 hours. If you’re looking to do something around the area that’s chill and scenic, I highly recommend the botanical gardens!

  2. Oak Grove Lake. Oak grove lake is a little known trail known by locals that is like a secret oasis. It is beautiful, fresh, and scenic. Oak Grove Lake is located in Chesapeake right off Battlefield and Volvo. 3-4 laps around the lake will definitely get you closer to that 10,000 step mark!

  3. Elizabeth river trail. If you've been to waterside or town point park then chances are you’ve seen the river! well did you know there's a trail that you can walk, run, or ride your bike? The Elizabeth River Trail stretches 10.5 miles along Norfolk's iconic waterfront.

  4. First Landing State Park. Located off of Shore Drive and Ocean front, First landing state park trails will have you getting your steps in no time. The campground has many trails to choose from, great for kids, and doggies. Be sure to check them out!

  5. Around your neighborhood. The easiest way to get your 10,000 steps is to walk around the neighborhood! A 30 minute walk around the neighborhood averages out about 3,000. Try this combined with the steps accumulated around the office, home, or running errands and I bet you will be closer to that 10,000 step goal in no time.

Getting 10,000 steps might be challenging at first but it’s not impossible! Aim for little goals before you go all out! I particularly like to bring my cardio indoors especially when I am in a tight time crunch. Fitness Norfolk has some awesome soft treadmills that reduce the pain associated from walking on a regular hard ground.

Remember walking on a trail, treadmill, or up the work stairs still count! Just have fun with it and get your step on!

More about the author: May Savvin is a Certified personal trainer at Fitness Norfolk. May has completed over 1,000 training sessions and considers training as the best part of her day. Mother of two and military wife, May knows the importance of finding time for yourself even if it’s 30 minutes a day! May started her “how-to” blogging inspired by one of her favorite movies ( How to lose a guy in 10 days lol) to share with you the importance of proper diet and exercise! Each week we will cover topics in a “how to” way. Contact us for a free consultation with May!


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