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How-to: Burn off that Thanksgiving dinner in One week with these easy tips!

Did you know? a typical thanksgiving dinner is about 3,000 calories? Not only that but about 150 grams comes from fat! Today we are going to cover 5 easy ways you can burn off the big feast and stay on track!

  1. Get your step on! 10,000 steps a day might seem like a challenge specially if you work sitting down most of the day but it may be easier than you think! Top certified trainer at Fitness Norfolk May Savvin recommends meeting your steps by making baby steps! That’s right! it’s amazing how fast those steps add up when you make little changes such as parking a little farther away, taking the stairs, walking around the building during your lunch break, and so on! An hour a day burns about 250 calories. Stay motivated by packing your gym shoes and completing your walk during lunch break or after work! You’ll be close to 10,000 steps in no time!

  2. Try a fitness class! Try something new and enroll in a fun and exciting exercise class. Norfolk has a variety of boutique type fitness centers that take walk ins. New to working out? Avoid injuries by booking a class under instructor supervision. Gym n Juice offers a great step class on Tuesdays that will have you sweating in no time. Visit their Instagram for more information.

  3. Book an intro session with a personal trainer. Most gyms in the local 757 area offer complimentary personal training sessions to new guests. Did you know? One workout with a certified personal trainer can burn up to 500 calories. The best thing is Fitness Norfolk offers a free introductory session plus a special 3 session promo deal under $100!

  4. Test and Trial! Sign up for a free trial. Most local fitness Norfolk gyms offer a trial pass for people on the fence of joining. The pass is a great way to get into the gym without any commitment. The best thing about this is that you can bring a buddy with you!

  5. Buddy up! Scared to try new things alone? Then buddy up! Find a coworker or friend who is up for the challenge to end 2021 with a bang! Studies have shown that people who work out with others tend to do better at reaching their goals! Another great way to buddy up is to hire a trainer that will motivate you! A certified personal trainer not only helps supervise movements but they also help you stay on tract! it’s a win win!

Christmas is just around the corner and then comes New Years with all it’s resolutions. Get a head start now by implementing some or all of the top 5 tips recommended to get you burning and grooving off the extra calories! Talk to a certified professional for more information.

More about the author: May Savvin is a Certified personal trainer at Fitness Norfolk. May has completed over 1,000 training sessions and considers training as the best part of her day. Mother of two and military wife, May knows the importance of finding time for yourself even if it’s 30 minutes a day! May started her “how-to” blogging inspired by one of her favorite movies ( How to lose a guy in 10 days lol) to share with you the importance of diet and exercise! Each week we will cover topics in a “how to” way. Contact us for a free consultation with May!


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