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Travarus Clark
Certified Personal Trainer, Master Trainer


Hi everyone, meet Travarus Clark! Travarus or better known as "T" was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia, and serves the Norfolk community as a health and fitness coach to change as many lives as he can from the inside out.


As the Owner and lead Trainer of Hi Definition Fit Club, he helped hundreds of residents in the Hampton Roads area transform their bodies and sustain the results. He acquired his Personal Trainer’s certification with the International Science Sports Association (ISSA) in 2013 and has since been on a mission to get health and fitness inside every household across the globe. Along with his wife Karisa Clark, he created The Natural Path Wellness Cafe & Fitness Studio where they are looking to provide the most efficient path to optimum health.


His favorite hobbies are playing board games, networking events, exercising, and listening to audiobooks about self-development. He loves to travel the world to experience new adventures with his family. 


He’s currently operating as the Master Trainer at Fitness Norfolk, where he offers personal training, group classes, and fitness coaching programs. He has poured years of research and development into his programs to ensure that they are simple and easy to follow while providing guaranteed results. To inquire about his services email him at to submit your request. 


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Karisa Clark
Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer


Karisa Clark is a Professional Yoga Instructor with a goal to assist in transforming lives through self-appreciation by creating a deeper relationship with self through yoga practices of breathing, asana (yoga poses), and mindful thinking and living encouraged by yoga philosophy.



Practicing Yoga for over 15 years

Completed 200 hour certification in 2021 - Yoga Renew 

Yoga Instructor individual and group sessions, in person and virtual 

Teach yoga classes at Gym N’ Juice Club in Norfolk, Va



I have always been drawn to yoga philosophy, adopting certain ideas of being more mindful in my thoughts has helped me to become more balanced in my emotions as well. Viewing yoga postures and understanding how the body can become more or less flexible with practice (or lack of) has led me on a path of pursuing yoga as a physical wellness lifestyle and gradually deepening my personal practice has been a rewarding journey of growth and evolution. My passion for the transformative effects of yoga on the mind, body and spirit drives me to share these rewards with others to encourage people to live a more personally fulfilling life. I favor embracing individual expression as we are all unique and should be celebrated in our uniqueness and personal power. Yoga is a fascinating pathway that is over 10,000 years in the making that leads us to a deeper understanding of our minds, our physical capabilities, and our ability to impact our community with love and wellness.


Instagram: tranquilmind_journey


Katrina Smith
Certified Personal Trainer


Katrina Smith aka "Kat" is originally from Georgia but currently residing in Hampton Roads Area. She is a retired Navy Veteran. She has run numerous marathons in track and field in high school and competed in Bodybuilding Competitions. Fitness has been a passion of hers for a long time.

When she’s not in the gym, or training for marathons, she’s reading romance novels, searching for the perfect home and garden TV show. Her goal is to help clients create a practice that’s sustainable and fulfilling, whether that’s through a combination of strength training, cardio, or whatever’s calling to you on any day. She knows variety is the spice of life both in and out of the gym.

You can email her at

Instagram @leocat078

Ang Amancha



Ang was born and raised in Central Texas. She has been active since a child participating in Track and Field (4 years), Mastering Shobukan Karate (10+ years), and being affiliated with the fitness industry for 7 years. She comes from a fitness and health-based family so wellness is a way of life.

Ang hopes to make an impact on everyone she meets. She wants to guide people to meet their fitness goals and help them regain their confidence and overall health to be the best versions of themselves for longevity.

Personal Favorites: Ang loves to be in nature and go on hiking trails, meditate, collect rocks, work out, and write poetry. Her favorite workouts are glute bridges and sprints.

You can reach out through email at

 instagram @anglges




May has over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry and has held several management positions in fitness centers around the country. She brings a passion for fitness and wellness to Fitness Norfolk daily and leads our team of trainers and fitness staff to provide you with the area's premier fitness center!


May loves helping people gain their strength and confidence back. Visit our personal training page to book your next session with May!

Personal Favorites:  "I love to spend time with my family (including the 3 other four-legged ones), fitness and nutrition podcasts, eating, playing on the Nintendo Switch, and whipping up nutritious Plant-based meals at home. I am a mother of 2, a food junkie, and an overall wellness advocate.  My favorite exercises in the gym are Hip Thrusts and Bulgarian Split Squats. I also enjoy following and advocating the starting strength method. My favorite thing to do around The Hampton Roads area is to attend the local festivals, hibernate at home, or mini road trips on the weekends. 

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