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Healthy Weight Loss at Fitness Norfolk

Are you as excited as we are for Fitness Norfolk to open it's doors? OMGosh.

I started working in gyms when I was 16 years old - my first gym-job was at The European Health Spa. If you are a native of Tidewater - you have to remember the European Health Spas. I worked at the one at Hilltop in Virginia Beach. I loved working with people who cared about their health and particularly fell in love with the pool and the Eucalyptus Room. Heaven.

Later I put myself through undergrad at ODU (as a Physical Education Major) while working at Nautilus Gym not far from the ODU Campus. I was blessed to work out and train with the first team of the Lady Monarchs, Coach - Marianne Stanley and famous players Inge Nissen and Nancy Lieberman. Can you imagine? More heaven.

Sigh. Those were the days. Then life took me for a ride in business, raising a family, and finally going into the health industry as a Naturopath. Along the way, I stopped working at gyms but never stopped working out at gyms - employing personal trainers to keep me committed. I loved studying with Dr. Doug Graham ( - 80/10/10 Diet) and all those early Natural Hygiene/Raw Vegan geniuses.

Now, I'm home - full circle - back to working out and in the gym. A new kind of FULL SPECTRUM HEALTH GYM - healing the body and the brain, and releasing the pain: Fitness Norfolk at The Renova Center in beautiful downtown Norfolk Ghent's NEON/ART District. More blessings.

The Renova Center is already open and in full force working with and for Veterans, First Responders, their families, and friends, (; athletes and business execs (Dr. Morgan Joe, DC and Charles Miller, L.aC); everyone else in HBOT (; and my personal babies: Float Norfolk, Massage Norfolk, and Renova Reset.

I will let you know the date of the Grand Opening. It's coming soon. And here's another bonus: Fitness Norfolk will be launching a healthy weight loss program called: Heal the Liver - Release the Fat.

I've searched the world over for a healthy weight loss program that fixes the liver and immune system - and keeps us healthy for life. It's been found and you are going to love it. More info coming soon - Watch for it.

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy

It's a Jungle Out There

We've got your back - because we care.

God Bless.

The Norfolk Fitness Team - Your Health Angels

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