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Zero-Impact Running: Finally

Renova has never been a fan of "no pain, no gain," nor "embrace the suck." We get there is a time and a place for everything. But the Renova-philosophy has always been "heal the brain, release the pain." Healing should be relaxing, enjoyable and relatively painless.

We need to MOVE to be healthy. How do you move when it hurts? Or what if after moving, you experience pain?

The Renova TEAM has searched fifty years for devices that make living easier. ERGO, floating, Zyto, EVOX, Bemer, HBOT, and all the services and practitioners found at The Renova Center.

Now, The Renova Center has a new kind of gym - utilizing the best of the old systems/equipment with the newest of the premier technology available, such as ZERO-IMPACT RUNNING. Finally! We get the benefits of running without hurting our joints and jolting our organs, especially our brain. How cool is that? Very. Watch this:

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