Welcome to Your Neighborhood Gym!

Fitness Norfolk is bringing a fitness concept to the Norfolk, Virginia area: The Neighborhood Gym. Whether you are a "workout warrior" who never skips leg day or a busy mom just looking for some "me" time, we've got you covered. At Fitness Norfolk you will find a welcoming, vibrant community of people seeking a healthy lifestyle. If you're looking to get started on achieving your own fitness goals, we hope you'll come home to Fitness Norfolk!

Health and Recovery Services

State of the Art Equipment

Weightlifting and Cardio designed to help you meet your fitness goals

Infrared Sauna

Our infrared saunas promote weight-loss, detox, and cardiovascular benefits.

Zyto Scan

A simple biocomunication scan will help you determine what services, nutrients, and workouts your body needs most.

Bemer Therapy

The mat makes use of pulsed electro magnetic frequencies, or PEMF, to aid in the body’s circulation. 

T-zone Vibration Machine

Switch up your routine with our Whole body vibration machine. Experience an entire workout within 10 minutes.

Top of the line


Reduce your risk of injuries with our soft treadmills, zero runners, and Octane bikes especially designed for people with  physical limitations!

Float Therapy

sensory deprivation therapy that helps decompress the back, recover, and relax!

Inbody Composition Analyzer

Keep track of your fitness results with our inbody! Each report Analyzes body mass index, body fat percentage, and lean body mass.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers will help you meet your fitness goals with safe, fun, and interesting workouts.

Fitness Norfolk is located at The Renova Center  - The Premier Wellness Facility in Norfolk, Virginia